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Q. What is the difference between the Kit & Pro versions of the app?

A. The Kit version is intended for personal/small project use, whereas the Pro version is intended for larger enterprises that have a need to collaborate and share data within a team. Please refer to the full feature comparison list above for more details.

Q. Do I have to buy GIS Kit for both my iPhone & iPad?

A. No - GIS Kit is a universal app, which means one purchase allows you to download both the iPhone & iPad version.

Q. I bought the Kit version but I want features from the Pro version - can I upgrade?

  1. A.Yes! Kit users can update to GIS Pro from within the app via an in-app purchase.

Q. GIS Kit does not support Shapefile export - will I be able to export data to use with my desktop GIS software?

A. Yes - GIS Kit has full KML export support, and nearly all major GIS desktop programs can open this file format.

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